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We live in an age where we all rely on electronic appliance. Kettles, fridges, freezers, cookers, heating and lighting and more. Some of us have gone one step further and installed an electronic alarm system for security.

Now you can say goodbye to all the checking whether you’ve left the stove on, turned the lights off, switched the television onto stand-by. Your home will be both safer and more economical.

There’s now a system that will enable you to control all electronic appliances from one source.

The Fibaro System

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Why Install Z-Wave?

The benefits of installing Z-Wave are far too many to list here, but below are just some of them that will help transform the way you live.

Z-Wave will

  • Shrink your power bills by switching off all your electronics when you leave your house
  • Check that your security alarm is set when you leave your house for days or weeks.
  • Remotely switch on your heating and lighting for you, to make sure your home is warm and welcoming for you.
  • Put the kettle on, so that you can have a cup of tea as soon as you come in your front door.
Z-Wave Wireless Home Management System

The Z-Wave Wireless Home Management System is lifechanging. It’s a home help in addition to a strong and reliable guardian protecting your home.

Contact us now for a no obligation chat about what Z-Wave can do for you.

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