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Take Complete Control of Heating, Lighting, Security, Music and AV Systems

Imagine... you’re on your way home from work at 5pm and it is freezing outside. You know that when you get home the house will be cold.  If only you could communicate or use Geo Tagging to tell your home that you want to turn on the heating.  

Well now you can.

Having total control over your heating, lighting, music, security and AV systems with touch panels and remote controls. Everything can be set to your preference with just the touch of your fingertips.

We install all that you need to control your home, but we keep it simple and easy to use.

Our technicians can install it all. From a high-tech 4K home cinema with astounding surround sound, to lighting, heating and security, plus all the other systems that will make your home fully automatic.

We make it possible for you to create and control your perfect home environment.

Remote Controlled Lighting

Take complete control of your lighting from just one keypad control. Whether you need it brighter or darker, you can change it in every space of your home all designed according to your specific needs i.e. disabling keypads in children’s bedrooms with a press of a button and so many other features available to be programmed to your lighting system.

Concepto Solutions Ltd can design the perfect lighting solution for you to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you like colour changing, mood lighting or LED strips.

You select your theme and we will design a perfect lighting solution for you.

Remote Security Control & Remote Access

If it’s late at night and somebody’s at the door, you don’t have to open it to find out who it is.  Relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the security of a CCTV camera or a Door / Gate Entry System.

You can view anywhere there is a camera from a mobile device. You can see who has arrived at your door, without needing to get up to answer it.

You can control every system remotely when you’re away from home, by remote access. Whether it’s your lighting, heating, CCTV, music or Door Entry system, you can have complete control.

It also means that we can access your control system to fix any faults or make minor changes to suit your requirements.

Audio/Visual Automation & Climate Control

Advances in technology have now made it possible for you to be able to control all your home systems including the climate using just one control point. Your air conditioning and heating can be controlled by using just your mobile phone, iPhone or iPad.

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