Fire safety

Fire safety is of paramount importance to the health and safety of your employees and it is a requirement by law to ensure that your premises are adequately protected with equipment that is reliable and regularly tested.


Safety lighting and all other aspects of electrical installations we are also qualified to advise and carry out the installation and maintenance of Fire security equipment.


From alarm and monitoring systems to extinguishers and fire blankets our relationships with manufacturers means that we can provide the most up to date and reliable equipment.


We can advise you on your emergency procedures and the best equipment to have as well as arranging the installation and maintenance of this equipment.

As is the requirement by law, we will carry out regular inspections to ensure that all of your equipment is in full working order and test the alarms to make sure that they are ready should you ever need them. We can install and maintain smoke detectors in every room on every floor of your business from the main rooms to the toilets and cloak rooms. We will again send someone to carry out regular inspections of this equipment to ensure that it is in full working order.

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