Energy Saving Services

In today’s climate there is a lot of focus on emissions, carbon footprint and energy saving. This is affecting everyone’s living habits from the car they drive to the lightbulbs they use. In business the consumption of electricity can be huge and savings across the business can make a huge difference.

At Concepto Electrical Solutions we can help you reduce your overheads by cutting down your electricity bill significantly, reduce your CO2 emissions and increase your profit.

What’s not to like about that?

Sensor control lighting

Ever walk into a meeting room or part of the building that isn’t used regularly to find the lights on? All that time, sometimes all day and night that room can be left empty with lights on. With motion sensor lights you can save money by having lights that only come on when someone enters the room.

Energy efficient lighting

From the lightbulbs you use to the types of lighting you have installed we can cut down on your electricity usage in simple ways that make a big difference.

Daylight control sensors

Again having lighting that is active around the clock soon adds to the emissions and overheads. We can install daylight control sensors meaning that lights are only on when they need to be.

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