Concepto Solutions Bring You New Innovations in Home Automation

Home automation innovation – you need Concepto Solutions?

Lock the doors and windows, switch off the lights, close the garage door, turn the boiler and central heating down … As any homeowner knows, there’s a ton you have to do to your home every time you venture out the front door and before you go to bed every night!

Enter Concepto Solutions and the advent of home automation: the grandios solution of lights turning themselves off, the entire home heating network ensuring that the ambient temperature in any or all rooms is perfect for your return from work.

Home automation has been an industry on the ascent after the Jetsons graced TV screens in the 1960s. Presently, home automation has caught the attention of huge Global brands like Apple, Samsung and Google, who are trying to edge their way into a market that has been dominated by pioneers like our partners Control4, Lutron and Fibraro.

What is it possible to achieve?

“What you can do with home automation is constrained just by your creative ability”

In the same way as other solutions throughout industry and business we have entered an era where it is possible to get all the devices and utilities in your home to talk to each other and respond to your every need.

It can be used to do something generally straightforward, from turning on a light or robotized pet feeder, right through to making entire mapped scenarios where various activities all happen without a moment’s delay.

Home automation has applications in numerous circumstances and is of interest to home proprietors for a wide range of reasons.

Mobile phone and tablet usage has seen home automation increase massively in popularity recently. Applications that can remotely control home theater and sound systems, security and CCTV applications, heating your home and more are now generally accessible.

The Future is genuine automation and Concepto Solutions can help

Home automation is presently moving into another period, where different systems and gadgets can be incorporated under a solitary application. Cutting edge home automation relies on less client input. The GPS signal on a smartphone or tablet can auto-trigger events to happen naturally when you make your way through the house or even towards the house e.g. when you’re three miles from home you’re central heating will naturally kick in.

Home automation in the 21st century is quick turning out to be more consistent and incorporated in more modern accommodation throughout London and the South East.

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