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Cloud computing isn't as confusing as it sounds. Once you understand it, your business can make major cost savings.

The files that your business uses need to be store somewhere. By storing them where you can access them safely and securely through the internet, you can save a lot of money.

As cloud computing transforms IT, determining the best cloud strategy for your unique business environment is paramount. Should you choose a public cloud, a private cloud, a hybrid approach… or no cloud at all? Are you better served with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)? If you’ve chosen an onsite infrastructure, have you considered the benefits of a cloud-based DR solution?

Concepto Solutions Ltd helps businesses assess, plan, and design an optimal strategy. As a Microsoft Cloud Productivity and Platform Silver Partner, Concepto Solutions Ltd offers a portfolio of services around Microsoft’s cloud offerings including Office 365, Azure, and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). We will move your organization forward by carefully merging your business objectives, current IT investments and company culture to create a fully-connected cloud experience.

Cloud Computing

At Concepto Solutions Ltd we can assist you to find the most suitable solution for your requirements whether that is a simple hosted e-mail or a full business cloud migration. Currently estimated to be used by approximately 90% of businesses, in one form or another, Cloud Computing is now standard practise for most businesses in the UK and globally. Cloud computing allows businesses to save money whilst increasing efficiency and offering a better user experience to their customers.

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Fulfil Your Business Cloud Requirements

We can help you to fulfil your business cloud requirements however large or small with our Microsoft solutions.

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Increase Your Efficiency and Spending

Find out how to increase your efficiency and spending.

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No longer do you have to store everything on your own systems or have large servers that take up room and require regular maintenance. Now everything is stored in a cloud allowing you to update and increase capabilities as your business grows. You can deliver applications faster than ever to your users and compete in new markets.

For businesses, using a cloud solution means that you no longer have to worry about software updates taking up valuable time and attention, or that your systems won’t be able to cope during demanding periods. Using this system allows you greater flexibility to manage your computing operations more efficiently.

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