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Home Automation

Imagine the convenience of setting your lighting and blinds to react to the sun going down or rising in the morning. Your climate control to switch on as you leave work so that you get home to a warm home.

Keeping utility bills low, protecting the environment and living comfortably are all reasons why homeowners want to install a smart home automation system. 

We install the following home automation systems for clients in the London area and further afield:

  • Smart home control
  • Climate control
  • Lighting and blinds
  • Security
  • Multi-room audio

Our experience in the home automation system planning and installation field is unmatched. 

The brands we work with and are experts in the use of are Creston, Control 4` Systems. They provide the control and monitoring of systems for fully optimised smart home control. Being highly scalable means that any future changes to systems in the home can be 'bolted on' and easily integrated.

When it comes to lighting and blind automation, we make it possible for you to reduce your annual utility bills. We employ the services of brands such as the sophisticated lighting and shade control provider Lutron Light Control.

If you're looking for security systems, we can help with this area too whether it's to protect your personal residence or your business.

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